Web Services

Highlights of the Web Services we’ve done:

Type: Adding Video to web pages
Project: To get Vicki's eClips miniVideo from Fixed Income Portfolio Management panel working on all computer and device browsers. Also to add her CornellCast interview video to her website.

Vicki Bogan had a video on her page that didn't play on all browsers. It was several years old and new formats have replaced the one used in the video. Since DMIG produced the video for her, we compressed a new version of the video and then worked with her to add new "player" code that would work on all browsers including iOS. Previously her videos would only play on windows computers. The new player even allows the video to be viewed full screen. The MP4 file we created works well, even at full screen viewing. She will be able to show this video in class from her website.

Vicki has a passion to update her site often and has learned to use website software to get most things done. We supported her effort to do this work herself by creating the code and then explaining how it works on the page.

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Type: Web Page Updates
Project: To get more kick from a web page
Details: Web pages are as much a visual experience as a data digestion tool. To engage someone to “read” more of your content you need to make that content appealing. Vicki needed more visuals on her page. We helped her give her research page something more to look at than just text. We added the logos of all the media outlets she works with so that anyone could quickly see she was a sought-after authority.
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Type: Datamining Program
Project: To devise a way to scrap data from SEC servers.
Details: Aija Leiponen was looking to aggregate data from SEC servers about license agreements in a specific types of SEC filings. The goal was to, through programming, find a way to download and “scrap” the data from the documents and present it in a spreadsheet for analysis. The challenge was finding the correct key words and documents that fit the criteria. Tests showed the concept to be sound but the SEC documents were not uniform enough to gather valuable data.
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Type: Adding video clips to web page
Project: Vicki Bogan identified specific clips from the eClips collection to add to her IBHF site.
Details: Vicki Bogan wanted specialized media content on her Institute for Behavioral and Household Finance website. She identified 5 video clips from the eClips collection that added value to her own content. So all the videos could live on the same page without taking up too much space we used a popup player. This allows the viewer to see all the videos on the page but play them in a larger window. This is called "Lightbox". To highlight the video better the page dims a bit.
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