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DMIG projects for Dyson school educators

using podcasts and tips on flipping the classroom you can be more effective - Vicki interviews two Cornell alumni for her IBHF website adding to her diverse experts on Household Financial issues.
Vicki Bogan wanted specialized media content on her Institute for Behavioral and Household Finance website. She identified 5 video clips from the eClips collection that added value to her own content.
Ravi could not attend two conferences at once OR could he?
Vicki Bogan had a video on her page that didn't play on all browsers. It was several years old and new formats have replaced the one used in the video.
This is the description of the of the screen shot?? OR should it be a description of what we did. In this case, in a studio situation Aija delivered her presentation directly to camera to engage with the audience better. Her script tells about what and why she created the article. etc etc etc.