How We Can Help Work With Us

Here are some outcomes we want to support (and underwrite) at Dyson:

Increase Research Visibility

No one can explain your research better than you can! Let DMIG help you use digital media to share the outcomes of your work in formats beyond print.

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Increase Classroom Engagement

Turn student laptops and cellphones into classroom tools instead of distractions. DMIG can teach you how to use polling tools and incorporate media into your lectures.

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Maximize Value of Guest Speakers

Capture your guest speakers and re-visit their insights later in the semester or in future classes. Imagine being able to press pause on a speaker’s comment and launch a classroom discussion. Let DMIG help!

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Present Virtually at Research Conference

When you can’t be there in in person, you can provide a high quality video that will enable you to present your topic virtually. DMIG can help you create a polished product to share.

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Optimize Your Website

In a world dominated by technology, having a website is a necessity! DMIG can design a new website or optimize the site you have.

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Have an ambitious project, but not sure where to start? DMIG can offer technology consulting and solutions tailored just for your work.