How We Can Help

Here are some outcomes we want to support (and underwrite) at Dyson:
  • Increase the visibility of research outcomes and findings.
  • Produce digital material for faculty websites.
  • Showcase new initiatives and programs.
  • Create case studies with digital media enhancements.
  • Assemble special collections (audio, video) with focused on specific topics and target audiences.
  • Use innovative materials/approaches for courses (e.g., cell phone polling).
Jura created a video abstract to promote her research
Oliver Battacharia was interviewed to showcase on Prof Tasha Lewis site
Polling can re-engage students

What We Provide

  • Consulting Services
  • In addition to consulting on media creation and use, DMIG has experience with social media tools and how media content can be best incorporated to deliver educational or brand messages
  • Media Content Creation
  • Over the past decade, DMIG has captured and processed video and audio content from over 850 sources resulting in 17,000 clips
  • Media Product Development
  • DMIG has deep experience in the curation of media content as well as the development of media products including mini-videos, podcasts and apps.
  • Case Study Storyboarding and Production
  • DMIG has used both custom and third party tools (such as Flowboard) to incorporate media content into business case studies.
  • Media Integration with Academic Material
  • DMIG understands how to deploy media as well as make use of mobile and digital polling devices to engage students and enhance learning
For more information about DMIG or to discuss a possible project, please contact Jamie Kalousdian at 607.255.4523 or