E-Clips Highlights

Highlights of eClips interviews

Interviewed: 10/31/14

Location: Statler

Interviewer: Streeter

Why you should watch: Vivian Schiller Discusses Work-Life Balance Tradeoff

About: Vivian Schiller is the former head of news at Twitter, a newly created position in which she leads the company's strategy for news and partnership with journalism organizations and the news-publishing ecosystem. Prior to joining Twitter, Schiller served as senior vice president and chief digital officer for NBC News. Previously, she was president and CEO of NPR.

Interviewed: 10/6/14 - 19 Videos

Location: ILR 229

Interviewer: Deborah Streeter

Why you should watch: Maria Pacheco discusses current challenges facing a company as it grows

About: Growing up in war-torn Guatemala City convinced Maria Pacheco that she would heal the earth by moving to the mountains and becoming an organic farmer. For a time, that’s what she did.

Interviewed: 10/6/14 - 20 Clips

Location: ILR 229

Interviewer: Deborah Streeter

Why you should watch: Daniel Cane discusses failures, obstacles and success

About: Daniel is President and CEO of South Florida-based Modernizing Medicine, Inc., a healthcare IT company that is revolutionizing the way in which medical information is created, consumed and utilized to increase efficiency, lower costs and improve outcomes.

Interviewed: 9/29/14

Location: Recruiters Lounge - Sage

Interviewer: Streeter

Why you should watch: Arindam Bhattacharya Discusses Formal Versus Experiential Learning

About: Arindam Bhattacharya is a partner and managing director in BCG's New Delhi office and coleader of the firm's Global Advantage practice area. He is a core group member of the Industrial Goods and Operations practice areas and a coauthor of Globality: Competing with Everyone from Everywhere for Everything.

Interviewed: 9/19/14

Location: Statler Hotel


Why you should watch: Suzy Welch discusses the importance of asking for help

About: Suzy Welch is a best-selling author, popular television commentator, and noted business journalist. Her New York Times bestselling book, 10-10-10: A Life Transforming Idea, presents a powerful decision-making strategy for success at work and in parenting, love and friendship. 10-10-10 became an instant success and is now published in 29 countries worldwide, and an updated version has been released in paperback.

Interviewed: 9/20/14

Location: Warren Hall


Why you should watch: Sherece West-Scantlebury talks about the importance of determining and knowing your mission

About: Sherece Y. West-Scantlebury is president and CEO of the Winthrop Rockefeller Foundation, a private, independent foundation whose mission is to improve the lives of all Arkansans in three interrelated areas: economic development; education; and economic, racial and social justice.

Interviewed: 10/29/14 - 16 Clips

Location: ILR 525

Interviewer: Deborah Streeter

Why you should watch: Kyle Westaway talks about how extracurricular activities were more important than academics as an undergraduate

About: Kyle is the author of Profit & Purpose and writes on social innovation, entrepreneurship and emerging markets for The Guardian, The Wall Street Journal, Quartz and Harvard Business Review.

Interviewed: 10/29/14 - 9 Clips

Location: ILR 525

Interviewer: Deborah Streeter

Why you should watch: Harris Rosen talks about Entrepreneurs being risk takers

About: Harris Rosen is a visionary entrepreneur and philanthropist. From humble beginnings, he developed the largest independent hotel company in Orlando without borrowing money, a rare feat. He cares deeply about his employees and shows it through his innovative approach to health care.