Maximize Value of Guest Speakers

Dr. Vicki Bogan interviews guest speaker

849_jordan_celkupa_headshotProject: During his visit to campus, Jordan Celkupa was interviewed to create content for Vicki and for use on the IBHF site.
Description: She asked him questions that were turned into video clips. They live in the eClips collection for her to assign to her students but she was also able to embed them right on her IBHF site along with many other videos.


Dr. Tasha Lewis - entrepreneurship from Human Ecology

vlcsnap-2016-02-01-17h25m47s854Project: Tasha wanted to capture her guest speaker Oliver Bajracharya '99 while he was here for reunion.
Description: We picked a location that was unique to the subject matter and shot in a fashion lab in Martha van Rensselaer. We shot this with three cameras. We edited Tasha's questions into each clip giving her a presence in the content.