Helping Advisees with Career Exploration and Work-life Skills

An Original Podcast Series on Career Exploration

10GM-ENG_quartercard_reviseProject: Graduate Student Romi Kher started the podcast series 10 Good Minutes as a tool for undergrads to solidify their understanding of the business world. Current host are Werner Zorman and Jamie Kalousdian.

Description: 10 Good Minutes is in it’s 8th year and continues to produce content focussed on understanding what it takes to get and keep a job in business and most recently engineering. We also created an entrepreneurship collection where Cornell Entrepreneur-in-Residence Jacie Stivers interviewed entrepreneurially minded colleagues. The podcast series is featured in iTunes and Stitcher. 




An Original Podcast Series on Emotional Intelligence

Project: Werner Zorman and Jamie Kalousdian partner up for a people skills project to again help students get through the stress of college life and beyond.

Description: EQ ++ is a podcast on incrementally increasing your emotional intelligence. Jamie and Werner use their personal style to explain why students should examine their, and others, emotions in order to not only be more effective students but better human beings. Using specific examples from college life, college students, and leading experts at Cornell University they will dissect the what, why and how of emotional intelligence.

On their journey, they will explain Daniel Goleman’s four quadrants of emotional intelligence – Self Awareness, Self Regulation, Social Awareness and Relationship Management. Asking questions like, what are effective and ineffective emotions and even the odd question of do I want to have this emotion and why?



An Original Animation on Inner Critic

Project:There are many triggers for students to go negative on themselves: academic struggles, interview woes, and failed tryouts for clubs and fraternities.  When these voices get louder, the so-called “inner critic” starts to flourish.
Description:To help students cope, the Dyson Media Innovation Group has created two short animations that make for a great “study break” that can serve as circuit breaker for the spiral effect of the inner critic. Check them out!
The animations feature interviews of successful Cornellians done by Werner Zorman (Associate Director of Cornell Engineering Leadership program), animation created by student artist, Naima Reddick, narration by student Jeremy Freeman and production/editing by Jamie Kalousdian and Manuel Lora (Members of the Dyson Media Innovation Group).

Brian Part 1

Inner Critic part 1 from eClips Video on Vimeo.

Brian Part 2

Inner Critic Part 2 from eClips Video on Vimeo.