Increase Journal Article Impact

Dr. Aija Leiponen - Video Abstract

Aija-videoAbstract-posterProject: Aija needed a video of herself talking about her new journal article for Wiley's Online Library.

Description: Wiley - Aija's journal article publisher - realized they could get more views of articles if each had an accompanying video. In a studio setting, Aija delivered her presentation directly to camera to engage with the audience. Her script tells about the research focus and intended impact.

 Dr. Jura Liaukonyte - Video Abstract

Jura-VideoAbstract-posterProject: Jura needed a video of herself talking about the journal article she authored with two other professors from other schools.

Description: Jura worked with us to create a video for her article. To include the co-authors, we inserted photographs during her remarks. The publisher of the journal expanded the reach by by posting this video on their facebook page. Jura was able to do this in an afternoon in our Warren B63 studio.