Feature Research Findings

Cross College Research - Shareholder Value vs Social Value

Project: Ravi Kanbur organized a symposium and panel discussion on the tensions and complementarities between Profit and Shareholder Value Maximization and Social Values. Panelists covered taxation, international development, human resource management, and real estate markets. 
Description: We have recorded in Warren Hall for years but wanted this event to be more inviting for the participants as well as for the online viewer. We brought in high top tables and table cloths decorated with plants. We also added video lights to the panelists to set them apart from the very monochromatic background. From this event, we produced a full length presentation video which lives on CornellCast and a short, very digestible 4 minute, highlights video to share more broadly and promote the research. We coordinated with Cortney Kaye to promote on the Dyson Business Feed.  Click here for the full Cornell Cast version