Soft-skills Animation Takes On The Inner Critic

Brian on the hill
Brian sitting on Lib Slope
Inner critic is rampant around campus! Students beat themselves up about any number of concepts: not achieving high enough grades, not getting interview call backs, not doing well in a work team. The challenge for some students is understanding that they even have an inner critic. So what is an inner critic anyway? That’s the question Brian asked. Who’s Brian? Brian is like so many students who push through college on sheer determination but sometimes never recognize or refuse to recognize the forces at play in their daily lives. Some students think the inner critic helps drive them but more than likely that is their inner champion.
Werner Zorman  Associate Director of the Cornell Engineering Leadership Program
Werner Zorman
Check out these videos from the Dyson Media Innovation Group – with the help of Werner Zorman, associate director of the Cornell Engineering Leadership Program – designed to help students identify and address their inner critic. This soft skills series (or as Werner likes to call them “interpersonal skills”) was created in cooperation with the Engineering School and the Dyson Business Minor for Engineers.