The Brian Project

There are many triggers for students to go negative on themselves: academic struggles, interview woes, and failed tryouts for clubs and fraternities.  When these voices get louder, the so-called “inner critic” starts to flourish.

Brian Part 1

Inner Critic part 1 from eClips Video on Vimeo.
Brian Part 2

Inner Critic Part 2 from eClips Video on Vimeo.

To help students cope, the Dyson Media Innovation Group has created two short animations that make for a great “study break” that can serve as circuit breaker for the spiral effect of the inner critic. Check them out! The animations feature interviews of successful Cornellians done by Werner Zorman (Associate Director of Cornell Engineering Leadership program), animation created by student artist, Naima Reddick, narration by student Jeremy Freeman and production/editing by Jamie Kalousdian and Manuel Lora (Members of the Dyson Media Innovation Group).

Brian and Werner

Werner Zorman Associate Director of the Cornell Engineering Leadership Program
Werner Zorman
Associate Director of the Cornell Engineering Leadership Program
Brian referring to his inner champion.

Soft-skills Animation Takes On The Inner Critic

Brian on the hill
Brian sitting on Lib Slope
Inner critic is rampant around campus! Students beat themselves up about any number of concepts: not achieving high enough grades, not getting interview call backs, not doing well in a work team. The challenge for some students is understanding that they even have an inner critic. So what is an inner critic anyway? That’s the question Brian asked. Who’s Brian? Brian is like so many students who push through college on sheer determination but sometimes never recognize or refuse to recognize the forces at play in their daily lives. Some students think the inner critic helps drive them but more than likely that is their inner champion.
Werner Zorman  Associate Director of the Cornell Engineering Leadership Program
Werner Zorman
Check out these videos from the Dyson Media Innovation Group – with the help of Werner Zorman, associate director of the Cornell Engineering Leadership Program – designed to help students identify and address their inner critic. This soft skills series (or as Werner likes to call them “interpersonal skills”) was created in cooperation with the Engineering School and the Dyson Business Minor for Engineers.

Using Movies in the Classroom

It’s been a while but Ed Mclaughlin asked a really great question about updating the movie clips he uses in the classroom.

In the old days we would have taken his VHS tape and captured the portion he wanted. We can still do this but it’s harder to find VHS. One of the first things I suggested was looking on youtube for some low hanging fruit. It’s possible someone else has found that same section of a the particular movie that is perfect for classroom use. If he came up empty we would use ripping software to capture the movie and get him the short segment that fits perfectly into his class.

COPYRIGHT INFO Just a note that the law still states that as educators we can capture and use movie content IF we are using it in the classroom. I think it’s important to go one step farther and make sure you are not posting the clips to a class website that is public.